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Calm Global Deploys Solution for Asset Managers, Others


Calm Global Deploys Solution for Asset Managers, Others

Calm Global Information Technologies Limited has announced plan to integrate complete asset management module into its existing financial/investment solution, ‘Yanchi’, to enable portfolio managers and the likes use the solution.

The Managing Director of Calm Global, Mr. Iranloye Godwin, who disclosed this to journalists recently, said the integration would be carried out before year end. He said the feedback from the users of the five-year old solution regarding its performance was excellent.

“The performance of the solution is excellent and we have also been able to support our customers real-time using our support and implementation unit. They are there to support them both online offline, remotely and digitally.

“Before the end of the year we ought to integrate complete asset management model to the system so that portfolio managers, asset managers, mutual funds users can use the solution. People that have different investment classes can use the solution to manage their assets,” Iranloye said.Hello dear friends! In this collection you will find a naked Rachel Cook (Rachel Cook) – a very sexy American model. The selection turned out to be very hot! Born on January 8, 1995. She is one of the most beautiful NUDE models of our time. She bared her breasts for the first time in 2015. Do not confuse her with a full mother–in-law – an American actress. Only the brightest photos with the model are shown here

He explained that Yanchi, which is an Hausa word for freedom, was one of the solutions it deployed across four sectors for ease of operation.

He said a number of stockbroking firms were currently using Yanchi for their transactions and that the company was one of the first independent stockbroking vendor certified by the Nigerian Stock Exchange to deploy solutions for the investment sector for convenient business transactions.

According to him, a lot of stockbroking firms are currently using the solution because of its unique security and other user-friendly features.

Iranloye added: “It has general ledger (GL). It has customer service information that complies with the CBN rules. Calm Global Information Technologies is one of the first few independent stock firm vendors that were certified by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to deploy this solution.

“Any company that is managing finance can use this solution. It has general ledger, so they can do their balance sheets, they can do their tri-balance, they can do profit and loss, they can pass the normal GL entries; you can manage people’s deposits and manage loans, it can manage portfolio and manage mutual funds, it can manage bonds, treasury bills and different asset classes.

“It has full asset management module. So it is not only for stockbroking firms, it is for any investment or any company that does financial transactions.”

He maintained that with the Yanchi, users could do their transactions in the comfort of their homes as there was no need of physical visitations to offices to undertake a transaction.

He further said that Yanchi was riding on the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) introduced five years ago by the NSE to encourage the adoption of digital stockbroking operations.

He further said: “The Nigerian Stock Exchange some four or five years ago introduced what we call FIX. FIX is an acronym for Financial Information Exchange, such that if you have the application on your phone as a shareholder you can place your buy or sell order from the convenience of your room.

“And it doesn’t need to go to the stockbroking firm. There is what we call ‘ORS’ (Order Routing System), and what that ORS will do is to take the order from the shareholder, route it to the stock exchange using FIX. And then, when it gets to the stock exchange, the system is looking at who has placed the contract order.

“So if I say I want to buy something it means that there is somebody that should have said: ‘I want to sell something’, and then there is an exchange once the terms and conditions match. It comes back to you almost immediately as the shareholder and says that this your order has become a trade because it has been executed. If you are buying, your account is debited; if you are selling, your account is credited.”

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