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CALM Infotech’s electronic medical application to limit visit to hospital


CALM Infotech’s electronic medical application to limit visit to hospital

CALM Global Information Technologies Limited has presented an electronic medical and health management solution, known as koko, to help Nigerians get medical attention, without going to hospital, especially during this period of Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a press briefing in Ikoyi, Lagos, Managing Director of the company, Mr. Iranloye Gideon Taiye said hospitals are being overwhelmed with the task of trying to manage the spread of COVID-19, but data to ensure effective planning and allocation of relief resources and medical supplies are not available.

He stated that there is also a difficulty in maintaining real-time monitoring of the healthcare situation at a glance, which is necessary for ensuring appropriate preparation.

Taiye noted that koko would solve these problems and enable healthcare to be delivered strategically and with medical intelligence.

He disclosed that koko links up healthcare services providers, in such ways that health information is available to enable cheaper and better healthcare delivery and therefore it would unlock a unified healthcare monitoring, interaction and communication between patients, healthcare practitioners and industry stakeholders.

He explained that another of their product called wissen is a single robust, secure and integrated system for learning environment, meant to help parents, teachers and students.

“It is an excellent platform, which enables the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses, training programmes or learning and development. The platform is also highly customisable to fit the need of the institution.

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