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COVID-19: Firm urges Nigerians to embrace information technology


COVID-19: Firm urges Nigerians to embrace information technology

No doubt, the coronavirus has altered several situations hitherto considered as normal. Everyone in the formal and informal sectors is rapidly adjusting to the new normal.

Offices are shut as a mean to curb the spread. This has caused a challenge for normal business operations, as files, documents and other resources needed are locked away.

One thing that has taken the centre stage in service delivery is online transaction. Those who cannot or refuse to fit in into the new order are doing so at their own peril. The Internet has become busier than ever, as many now work and execute businesses from home. Even important meetings, seminars and school lectures are held online.

Harping on the need for more people to embrace information technology, the founder and Managing Director of Calm Global Information Technologies Limited, Mr Gideon Taiye Iranloye, said that the importance and cost effectiveness of online transactions cannot be overemphasised.

He said that though his company has been providing information technology solutions for about a decade, the increase in the number of clients received in the last two months of COVID-19 disruption was a testament that the future belongs to the paperless revolution.

He identified some paper-related problems as lack of instant access to records; valuable time wasted while searching for documents; rental space occupied by cabinets; and misplaced or lost documents.

As the school calendar has been affected and learning halted in most schools, Iranloye told Daily Sun in Lagos that his team has provided a knowledge management solution called ‘Wissen.’ With the package, he said that the school, at whatever level, could continue running through distant learning.

He expressed sadness over how thousands of Nigerian youths have been wasting years at home due to their inability to secure admission into a university. He believes that this could be corrected with online learning, where classes are endless.

He explained ‘Wissen’ as a platform that enables the administration, documentation and delivery of educational courses, training and development programmes. Under learning content management system, he explained that it was a portal for lecturers to teach students, interact and conduct examinations online.

Few months after the outbreak of COVID-19, medical personnel are already overwhelmed. This has led to patients being turned back home for lack of bed space or shortage of doctors, especially at the public hospitals.

The founder said that the gap was what gave birth to ‘Koko’ – an electronic management platform that enables health care to be delivered strategically and with medical intelligence.

“ ‘KokoMD,’ as we have it in the mobile app, is an electronic medical and health management solution that links up health services providers. With this virtual consultation, health information is available for cheaper and better health care delivery. It also unlocks a unified health care monitoring, interaction and communication between patients, health care practitioners, and stakeholders in the industry. The application eliminates waiting time at the hospital,” he said.

Iranloye said that his firm also handles online financial transactions. He stated that through financial information exchange (FIX) as introduced by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), a shareholder could sell his share from the convenience of his home. He said the service of a stockbroker would not be necessary while using the package.

Said he: “Our firm is one of the first few independent software vendors that has been certified by NSE to deploy this solution.”

On office automation without losing workflow, he said: “We review existing records, re-organise, recover and provide descriptive catalogue and barcode. We convert documents into secure electronic format and index department, document type or in whatever format suits the client. We also have a secure place where we keep the physical record for clients who don’t want to destroy such a record.

“What makes us unique is that we understand the terrain as a local company that is being run by Nigerians. Our firm has introduced a second level of authorisation in all our transactions and portals. This is to ensure optimal security of stored data and every other information management.”

Seeking partnership from the government and private sector, he reaffirmed that Calm Information Technology has the right products for education, health care, and for the business environment, which the Nigerian economy desperately needs.

He enumerated some of the features of the product as ease of use, mobile learning, content management, integrated structure, testing and assessment, reporting and tracking.

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