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Content Management SystemContentverse

Effective content management is a vital undertaking for any organization. Contentverse is a powerful solution that streamlines various aspects of business processes through effective documentation support. By embracing Contentverse, organizations can ensure efficient content management and optimize their business operations accordingly.


01. Save Time

On average, almost 90% of typical office tasks revolve around document gathering and transfer, and the right document management solution can assist employees with these tasks and increase their overall productivity by up to 50%. This takes productivity to another level entirely.

02. Reduce Cost

Research has proven that document management can reduce overall document-related costs by 40% and averages a return on investment of a remarkable 612% in the first year alone. Sources: Gartner and Nucleus Research, respectively.

03. Maximize Productivity

From intelligent searches that speed up document retrieval to the elimination of misfiling, lost paperwork, and clerical entry errors, Contentverse will immediately make your organization more efficient. Even greater productivity is achieved with our automated document workflow and regulatory features.

04. Work Together effortlessly

When dealing with simple emailing and a paper-based office environment, it is extremely difficult for staff to monitor and track crucial business operations. Contentverse takes away the guess-work by making this as simple as possible, freeing up time to actually get work done.

We use appraisal guidelines and retention schedules tailored to each organization to identify items of enduring value and weed out items you can safely discard.

We deliver customized reports, finding aids, policies and procedures manuals, and other work products in the format and media appropriate to your needs.

We carry out needs analysis, Records Surveys, Inventories, Collection Processing, Descriptive Cataloguing, and barcoding on our projects.
Our digital or e-archiving solution will help you to improve information management and document handling across the organization with quick access and easy retrieval, and a secure data archive.We will digitize your existing records i.e. we will convert your records from paper form to electronic form by preparing, scanning and indexing them, using indexes of each document type thereby making referencing and retrieval easy.
• A robust records and document management solution that provides a secure storing, accessing and management of your business information.
• Uniform and improved access to business information on an organization-wide basis maximizing efficiency.
• Secure and scalable storage space for business records
• Reduces risk of regulatory non-compliance and litigation
• You no longer have to worry about overheads or deploy capital for building or operating your infrastructure
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2024 Calm Global Information Technologies Limited. All rights reserved.

2024 Calm Global Information Technologies Limited. All rights reserved.