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Electronic Health Management System


Koko is a modern, tech-enabled healthcare solution transforming the primary care experience. Koko is robust, customizable and rugged enough to meet the needs of the primary healthcare administrators and the care givers and industry stakeholders. Our solution automates clinical administration and simplify care givers workflows to improve patient care quality and experience.
Koko for Healthcare Providers
Koko for healthcare providers is a full-suite Hospital Management Information System that allows hospitals – primary healthcare centres - manage patients from visits to care delivery, through to billing; including ongoing care management.
Koko for Payers
Our solution provides an electronic health information exchange portal that enables transparent and efficient health financing among health providers and payers (HMOs and Donor Agencies). With the help of our solution, payers are able to process claims, and post-payment audit/reports to support re-imbursements.
Koko for Government
Our solution provides a platform for government collect population health data in order to target national health priorities, forecast future healthcare trends and support public healthcare policies and goals (e.g. immunisations, epidemiology, disease tracking and minimisation).
Koko for Healthcare Consumers
KokoMD, our mobile healthcare app is a connected healthcare network platform. It integrates with hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, labs, and medical imaging centres, and gives patients virtual access to healthcare providers and allows them view their health records, set up appointments, make payments or conduct a video visit for conditions like allergies, sinus infections, high blood pressure, colds

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